Car Not Starting?
We'll find the problem and fix it.

Turn to us for engine repair services in Kansas City, MO

Your engine includes a lot of moving parts. If even one of them isn't working properly, your car could lose performance and your check engine light could come on. Find out what's causing your engine problems by bringing your vehicle to Platte Woods Precision Auto Care. After running thorough engine diagnostics, we'll find and fix the source of the problem. Since we target the root cause, you won't need to worry about a recurring issue.

Contact us today to arrange for your engine repair in the Kansas City, MO area.

Don't overlook these warning signs

If something seems to be wrong with your car, don't wait for smoke to start billowing out of it. Prevent engine failure by turning to Platte Woods Precision Auto Care for an engine repair.

We recommend bringing your car in for service if:

  • The check engine light comes on
  • Your engine stalls for no apparent reason
  • You need to fill up the tank more frequently
  • You hear knocking or banging noises

Call now to schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop in Kansas City, MO. We'll perform the engine diagnostics and repairs efficiently so you can get back on the road without delay.

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